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The Subaru Forester, is a four-wheel-drive Sports Utility Vehicle, which has been manufactured since 1997 in Japan by Fuji Heavy Industries. The Forester is essentially a tall four-wheel-drive station wagon (estate car), and offers the rugged style and versatility of a traditional 4x4 along with car-like ride and performance. The car was designed and built with all-wheel drive (AWD) as standard equipment. Foresters are powered by aluminum flat-opposed 'Boxer' four-cylinder engines, and available in both manual or automatic transmission. Standard features include ABS, air conditioning, and power windows/locks/mirrors. The Subaru Forester offers easy maneuverability, sure-footed handling in bad weather conditions, real off-road ability, solid build quality and different styling from other, perhaps, more macho-looking, but, less-able 4x4s. It is currently in its third generation and now marketed as a crossover-utility vehicle on a sport-sedan chassis.

Subaru Forester Reviews

"The Forester is a great family car, with solid built quality, and more than capable four-wheel-drive"

"The best car I have owned in more than 20 years of driving"

"Ugly, slow, and expensive to get fixed when it goes wrong"

"Reliable and practical, but heavy on the juice"

"All-in-one family car, sports car, and off-roader"

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